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1. Find growth hacks for your business
Find the top growing competitors and analyze their marketing strategy to get insights
2. Analyze the competitive environment for entering international markets
Learn about your competitors abroad and evaluate the competitive landscape
3. Do due diligence or find projects for scouting
Need to find a specific segment or profile of projects? Find in minutes with TrendScout

How it works

Send us 3, 5 or more links to your competitors' sites, our AI will find dozens or hundreds of others around the world and create a personal dashboard with their traffic, dynamics, where you can find the biggest and most growing in different countries.

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We know all growing sites in any category, country and region

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We will find hundreds of your competitors in a few minutes and around the world

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We will find potential b2b clients by a unique combination of criteria

We find the fastest growing sites around the world in different countries and categories

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